Tuesday, May 11, 2010

back to reality with two things time

Getting back to the swing of things after vacation has definitely been a challenge for me! Just keeping my eyelids open past 9 proved to be quite difficult. My amazing weekend and Mother's Day breathed new life into me though and I'm happy to be back on schedule.

And I'm super excited to join in Kassi's two things Tuesday, yet again. If you haven't joined up - you definitely should. Kassi's blog is super cute and seeing everyone's two things always makes my day! Besides, its always good to show the things around your home a little love. Consider it their moment in the spotlight, their 15 minutes.

Things getting the star treatment today at my home:

Another awesome item that my super-stylish, late Uncle had. I think my dad has held onto this for quite a while, but somehow it made it to my house. I'm pretty sure he threatened to repo it last time he came over, so I better get all the lovin' of this one in pronto!

This super cool tea box has great handmade details that I love. I am especially enthralled with the antique key and mother of pearl adornments. The papered interior of each tea box is particularly cool also.

Also feeling some love today, my Andy Warhol Marilyn glasses. I have always been a huge Marilyn Monroe fan and I absolutely love pop art. Put the two together and I'm pretty smitten. Can't afford fancy, expensive Pop Art? Get the glasses.

I bought these babes when I had my first "real" place back in Santa Barbara. They've seen their fair share of libations and I never get tired of the colorful addition they provide. We keep them in a glass cabinet in the living room. They're just too fun to put away in a dark cabinet!

What two things are you loving today? Leave me a comment of link up below! Can't wait to check out what you are lovin' today. 



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  1. i'm glad you had a good time on your trip!
    did you get your glasses at a thrift store? so cute... i always enjoy your two things... thanks so much for playing along my friend :-)
    ps. i facebooked you about where to purchase tracy's dvd's


I'm so happy you dropped by to check out my Vignettes. I love to read each of your comments and check out your blog too!! XO, Chelsea