Monday, May 10, 2010


There is something amazing about being served breakfast in bed, complete with Swedish lullaby (at least I think it was a lullaby...), fresh squeezed orange juice mimosa, smoothie, kanelbullar, some apple tart, handpicked flowers, and sweet little cards by my sweet little family. Sutter had made me several cards and strewn them about the house but he was too excited and instead told me where they were or went and retrieved them for me.

And how could I forgot my awesome card, drawn by Sutter, promising me a new pair of shoes from my two little ones. Apparently it was all their idea, Carl is just the financial sponsor. They certainly know what their mama likes.

After my amazing breakfast, I even got to fall back asleep and get some extra beauty rest. A picnic lunch at the beach, some visiting time with my mom and then some relaxed alone time with my honey made for a perfect day.

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful little clan to take care of me and remind me of how awesome it is to be a mom.

I hope all you mommy's out there had a wonderful day, felt lots of love, and took some time to revel in how amazing you are for being a mom.



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