Thursday, October 7, 2010

sew happy

Yesterday was sort of a long, sleepy day. With the gray and the rain, it was hard to be motivated to get all I needed to done. With a couple tired, cold-coming-on little ones and one too many nights of poor sleep for me, we were a wiped out lot by the end of the day. I was thrilled, however, to arrive home yesterday to some post.

I ordered some Andy Warhol prints for the kids room. The whimsical kitties made us all feel pretty happy!

I've finally made friends with my sewing machine. I've had it for quite a few years and I've used it for lots of hemming and repairs. But lately we've been getting to know each other much better.

I whipped up a few pillows recently. Both projects couldn't be further from each other on the difficulty scale.

For the zinnia pillow, I used Amy Butler's Midwest Mod pattern with some Amy Butler fabric that was on clearance. I'm pretty fond of the end result, although I see all the things I would do differently now. It was a lot of cutting. But it was my first attempt at following a pattern and it definitely boosted my confidence in the technical arena of sewing.

The other pillow I stitched up so fast I was amazed with myself. I scored the "80's tetris" pattern in a thrift store pile and followed this simple yet wonderful pattern from Chez Larsson's blog. I love all Benita's DIYs and this one was so easy and fast, I just couldn't stop marveling at it. I want to use the rest of the fabric for our office curtains...if I can get the Mr's approval.

I also recently upgraded our curtain sitch in our bedroom. I think I mentioned before that we had some serious red glow going on in our bedroom. When I came across this fabric at the thrift - an entire bolt of Kaufman no less - I knew it would be perfect for our bedroom.

I was afraid at first that they might be too busy. But after getting them up and living with them awhile, we both agree that they are awesome. Still need to finish the ones for the window above our bed however.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know my sewing machine better. Lots of plans for Halloween costumes and holiday gifts already swirling around in this head of mine.

Do you like to sew? 
What have you made lately? Post your links and share!




  1. I want a sewing machine so bad! Thanks for visiting!

  2. The pillows turned out great! :)


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