Thursday, November 4, 2010

a david stark christmas

There was a lot of internet/blog buzz about the new West Elm holiday collection when it debuted last month. I personally prefer a much more "collected and curated" look for my holidays, but there are quite a few things over there right now that have caught my eye - and some pieces that have enough power to stay up long after the New Year has rung its bells.

Some things I'm loving over there right now

of course I'm a sucker for hearts. Ok, a really, really big sucker. But I'm actually very smitten with this marble diamond. Free shipping and the proceeds go to St. Jude. 

These origami ornaments would look at home on a tree, a mantel or your window. And I'm thinking they would spruce up a wreath or garland and look sweet year-round

So, I'm also kind of a sucker for mushroom decor, which is why these babies caught my eye. Cute as they are, I'm thinking DIY is the route to go. 

These sweet little birds can perch at my place any day. 

I'd love to pop one of these banks in the kids' room. 

And while we're looking at that fantastic clock...I suppose I should mention how much I love it!

It feels a little silly to be thinking about holiday decorations in the midst of our 90 degree heat wave, but that's what the holidays in California are all about! Our weather has an identity crisis. 

What's your holiday decorating style? 



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